Wednesday, April 6, 2011

why i allways have spirit in the morning

Everyday i have many activity from 8am to 5pm. and i have many job as a web programmer.

not just for my company but for another company too. sure, i must to worker on my break

time in the night or before morning. you think that i busy. but this all wrong. i

always have spirit every time. so, what happen to me. this my secret.

First, i allways to make my body fit. so, i must fitness and jogging till sixty minutes

in the morning. because this activity i always get spirit for to work for my company or

my job. healthy inside healthy outside. yah, like this. if my body fit, so my brain fit

too. and already to fight. and make me always concentrate what i do.

Secondly, i must can to manage my stress. because if i cant to control my stress so my

mind is sick. and never get spirit. and most important..... Love you job. if to work

the job with happily, so will be finished quickly.

Thirdly, and more importanly too. smart to negotiate with everyone. yes, this important

for you if you get the job from your company and for another too. like me. we must have

good skill for negotiate. always to comunicate with anybody who to give you job. if

they with together want you finished you job at one time, so you must have negotiate

for them. what or where you primary job betwen them. so to do for your primary job, and

you must can to speak to any person (not your primary job) that there is something this

difficult or crash or problem, with foreign language and make them confused. hahaha,

this cheat, but its no problem. and make they believe you can to work and will be

finished this untill twenty four hours. so, they think about you if you to commitmen

about your job. and may they always to believe in you to do the job.


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