Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello my beloved Friend

Hello my beloved Friend,
How are you today? l hope you are fine, indeed, your respond has shown me that you are the real person which my soul has been desiring for a long time, really, I am bored since my living in this bad environment, I am living under United Nations Refugee Authority as a refugee after my step father's funeral.

Moreover, I want to tell you more about me, it is very painful in my soul to tell you that I am an orphan, I don't know my biological father or my mother but Mr Jeannot Bemba Saolona from Congo republic picked me from motherless babies home and brought me up, but unfortunately, he died last year 3rd July 2010 after brief illness, now, I am wandering without any helper after his death, truly, life has been so difficult to me because of the hatred from their family, the misfortune made me to ran away out of the country to take asylum here in Senegal living under United Nations Refugee Authority as a refugee because the family pushed me out of their home and conspired to kill me because of Mr Jeannot Bemba WILL on his property but God said No that I will be alive today.

Meanwhile, after his death, his lawyer called me and gave me a WILL which Mr Jeannot Bemba wrote to my name, according to his WILL he deposited ( $7,200,000 Dollars) at one of the international banks out side the country. so, when his family discovered such amount of money in my name by their brother, they was angry and conspired together to kill me and to destroy my life so that they will take back their brother's inheritance. secondly, the country Congo is attacked by rebels, the rebels are killing people every day and rapping young beautiful ladies every where, so, their is very big problem in the country by the rebels. so I decided to ran way to here in Senegal to stay as a refugee with the documents because I don't have any where else to go and I don't want to lose my life.

Truly, my life has been so ridiculous, there is no food to eat, no good water to drink, the oxygen we are breathing is polluted because of bad environment. so, I have made they Bank to be aware of Mr Jeannot Bemba's death and my plans to recover the inheritance, but they bank refused because of my refugee statues saying that it is against their bank law to deal business with some one in captivity like refugee. so they bank advised me to find a free person, husband or business partner that will stand as my trustee with them in other for them to transfer the money to his account for the person to help me, base on the above explanations, I will like you to stand on my behalf as my trustee at the bank to enable they bank transfer the $7.2 Dollars( Seven Million two Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ) to your account so that you can withdraw some money from it and send to me to pay my refugee freedom dues, gather my traveling documents to come and meet you over there or you can come down here to see me face to face and then I go back with you or you sponsor my coming to meet you at your country on your own expense so that we can stay together before we start the transaction.

Nevertheless, it is my solemn pleasure to tell you all these secret, do not say I don't know you or you don't know me, our relationship is a divine connection because God want to increase your financial capacity through an orphan like me and if God touches your heart to consider my bad condition despite the inheritance involve, then you can help me with all your heart because you are doing it for God and not human been, so, I gave you this offer out of faith and trust from the deep of my heart hoping that you will not betray me and my ambition is that when the money gets to your account, you will help me to invest in all kinds of business in your country according to your recommendation, if you marry me you will be in control of all our investments but if you don't want to marry me, I will give you 25% for the good work and trust confided in you after the transaction. Therefore, make sure that you keep this secret to yourself only, I don't want to loss my life and the money because this place I am living with my documents is not safe, all the same, I will like you to call me through Pastor Frank Edward phone number ( 00221-768437147 ) so that I will speak with you to hear your voice.

Please, send your phone number, your address and your photo in your next message, I will like to know if you will help me so that I will put things in action for they bank to transfer the money to your account pending my arrival to meet you at your country. I shall stop here, make sure you take good care of yourself while waiting to hear a positive respond from you soon.
With all my love,


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